Buying local to support the community of Somerset and surrounding regions

Daniel Banditt Constructions (DBC for short), is a family owned company that prides itself on its local connections within the Somerset Region. DBC specialises in residential and commercial construction as well as Hydro Excavation services across the region. My team and I have a passion for quality and ensuring our clients get value for money on every project. Our values extend naturally into our emphasis on buying locally wherever possible and supporting our neighbours and community.

DBC has had the privilege of seeing firsthand what the Somerset region has to offer. We work closely with the local community, business owners and government on numerous projects within the region. These local connections have helped DBC grow into the company it is today, and in turn, my team and I pride ourselves on giving back and supporting other local businesses which in turn supports our local community in Somerset and surrounding regions.

When DBC buys from a local business, the money stays within the community, circulating within the local economy which supports other local businesses. This creates a multiplier effect that benefits the entire community. This can also translate into local business growth, leading to more jobs for the residents, which in turn helps reduce unemployment rates and supports economic growth.

Through our work, DBC has developed a greater appreciation of the importance of supporting the local community, as it not only strengthens community bonds but also promotes growth and keeps the Somerset and surrounding regions unique.

Over the years, DBC has built strong relationships with local companies, and we prefer to use them whenever possible on appropriate projects. We work together with these people from on site jobs to materials supply.

Our services

At Daniel Banditt Constructions, we provide Hydro Excavation Services across the Somerset Region (including Esk & Kilcoy), Lockyer valley, Ipswich region, Fassifern Valley And Toowoomba region. Our Service Area details can be found here.