Hydro Vacuum Excavation
in the Somerset region

Vac Truck used in Hydro Excavation

Hydro Excavation Specialists

We specialise in Hydro Excavation, an efficient and environmentally friendly method of excavation that uses high-pressure water and air to dig into the ground using a our Vac Truck. Unlike traditional excavation methods, Hydro Excavation is safer and doesn’t rely on heavy machinery and manual labour.

Our Vacuum Truck is a great solution for non destructive digging, service locating and excavation projects Australia-wide, and we have successfully used this method for our clients in the Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba and Western Downs regions.

Our Services Include:

What We Include On Hydro Excavation Projects

Vac Truck Services


Service Locating

We can easily locate and mark underground utilities. This includes telecommunication lines, electrical cables, gas pipes, and water mains.


Dry Excavation

We have the option to use dry excavation, which is fast and efficient, while also saving water and fuel.


Pit & Drain Cleaning

By using suction we can quickly clear pits as well as remove debris and other buildup from drains.


Conduit & Pipe Cleaning

Using high-pressure water and air to blast away debris and buildup inside pipes and conduits. We no longer rely on traditional cleaning methods such as chemicals or manual labour.


Non Destructive Digging

Compared to mechanical digging, using water and air is a safer option to expose underground facilities and better maintain the existing grounds.


Limited Access Excavation

Traditional excavation equipment can’t be used in limited access or tight spaces, so by using Hydro Excavation, we have the precise control¬† needed to get the job done.