Preserving our environment and heritage sites using Non-Destructive Digging

Non-Destructive Digging using Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a method of digging that uses pressurised water and air to break up and remove soil. It’s a precise and safe method that can be used to preserve existing environments during building developments, cleaning, repair jobs and various other projects. For this reason, it is known as Non-Destructive Digging (NDD).

Preventing Damage to Sensitive Ecosystems

Using Hydro excavation we can dig trenches for pipelines and cables in sensitive ecosystems such as wetlands and mangroves, while minimising the amount of soil and debris removed. This is because we have precise control over the vacuum intensity and water pressure used, which ultimately reduces the disruption to the ecosystem when compared to older forms of excavation.

Cleaning Up Contaminated Sites

Hydro excavation is a great solution to clean up contaminated sites across Australia. We can use hydro excavation to remove contaminated soil and debris, and because of the level of control we have with the suction process around the target area, the risk of spreading contaminants is minimised. The contaminated soil and debris we remove is then stored in our truck’s tank so we can then transport it to an appropriate disposal site.

Protecting Our Waterways

In Queensland, hydro excavation has been used to install and repair infrastructure near waterways, such as bridges and culverts. The last thing we need in our waterways is contamination by excess soil and debris due to our work… but Hydro excavation minimises the impact on the waterways by ensuring that any soil or debris removed is contained and disposed of properly.

Locating Underground Storage Tanks

We can use Hydro Excavation to locate underground storage tanks which minimises the risk of damage to the tank and any surrounding infrastructure. This minimises the risk of spills and contamination of the surrounding environment.

Protecting Heritage Sites

Preserving Heritage Sites is essential so future generations are able to experience and enjoy them. As hydro excavation is a precise and more delicate method of non-destructive digging (NDD), we are able to complete any required work while minimising any disturbances to the existing environment and preserve the heritage site in question.

Minimising Disturbance to Wildlife

In Queensland, hydro excavation is used to install infrastructure in areas where wildlife may be present, particularly more sensitive ecosystems. By using hydro excavation, the impact on the habitat itself as well as the behaviour of the wildlife is minimised. This ensures that the wildlife is not threatened or unduly disturbed and can continue to thrive in their natural habitat.

Daniel Banditt Constructions specialise in Hydro Excavation as a safe, cost-effective and non-destructive method for digging. We love Australia and are committed to protecting our unique ecosystems and heritage sites.

Our services

At Daniel Banditt Constructions, we provide Hydro Excavation Services across the Somerset Region (including Esk & Kilcoy), Lockyer valley, Ipswich region, Fassifern Valley And Toowoomba region. Our Service Area details can be found here.

In Conclusion

Because of its high level of precision, and the ability to keep control of the water and vacuum pressure, hydro excavation is the perfect method of Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) to help preserve the natural environment, ecosystems and heritage sites Australia Wide.

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